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Benefits of Employing Older Employee in Singapore


Employee. They are always the essential part of the contribution to the company productivity. Every business can’t survive without employees. However, we need employees that are responsible, loyal, honest and mature. You may seems that it is too much of a requirements for an employee, but this is the bare minimum to have employ an employee by several businesses.

Have you been in a situation where you just hired an employee and after working a few days, they decide that they do not want to carry on working anymore? They may feel that jobs do not suit them and there are plenty of opportunities out there.

So where exactly can businesses find a responsible and loyal workforce in Singapore that willing to work for your business and grow with your business? Employee that motivates to work and have responsible in their own work?

The answer is not hard to guess. It’s actually the older workers that have been in the workforce for many years. I will share some reasons on exactly why hiring older workers will be beneficial to your business and workforce.

Firstly, honesty is one of the common characteristic found in older employees as they have been working for many years in the industry and their experiences is far more than us. They tends to values a group such as their integrity and commitment to their work.


Secondly, punctuality is considered one of the main factor when employing a worker in Singapore. Young employees may not be as punctual as older employees as some have lesser responsibility or are dread to go for work. In this case, older employees have much higher responsibility in working each day so they more likely to be punctual and get started on their daily tasks.

Thirdly, you may know that older employees may nag more often than young employees. But do you know that they are also great employees as they are often great listeners and will be easier to train as upgrade on their skills.

Fourthly, maturity of the older employees comes from their years of working experiences and knowledge that they learn. Hence, older workers are more matured in their work and likely to be more rational as compared to young workers that are sometimes unreasonable.

Lastly, this is one of the most practical reason in choosing an older worker which is lower labor cost when employing older employee. Since older employers have their own retirement savings or plan already, some are working to enrich their life or having an additional source of income. Hence, they have a lower requirements in terms of pay on the job they want. Some older workers works not for the sake of money but treat it as an entertainment or daily activities to enrich their life.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that a business can receive just by employing an elder worker in their workforce. If you feel that the above benefits are important or crucial in your business, then you should start hiring an older employee workforce in your company!

You can visit the NTUC website for more information on employee assistance programmes in skills training program, working assistance programmes.